SEAVEY - C/KU Band Feed
Das Beste an Combi-Feeds


First introduced to the satellite communications industry in 1982, Seavey Engineering’s dual band antenna feeds are now the accepted standard. They simultaneously access all downlink signals from hybrid satellites.

Dual band feeds operate over the standard frequencies of 3.7 - 4.2 GHz in C-band and 10.7 - 12.75 GHz in 500 MHz bandwidths. Both two-port and four-port versions are offered with a wide range of options.

Seavey Engineering’s dual band feeds have been used on thousands of commercial and consumer TVRO antennas for many years attesting to the reliability and efficiency of the patented (see Note) design.
Because of this success, mounting and interface adaptors are available for many reflector manufacturers’ standard products. Therefore, when ordering, please specify the reflector you plan to use.

Basic feeds use a concentric circular waveguide at Ku-band and an overmoded coaxial waveguide operating at C-band. Models with two ports use the patented polarization rotation probe system found on other Seavey Engineering feeds. A single small motor rotates the plane of polarization to match the satellite.


Modell ESR 124 H-1 Model ESA 124 D-2 Model OSA 124 D Model OSR 124 D


Symmetrical Reflector Prime Focus Feeds

of Ports C-Band
of Ports Ku-Band
ESR-124H 1 Linear 1 Linear Single servo motor.
ESA-124D 2 Linear 2 Linear Manual polarization adjustment.
OSA-124D 2 Linear 2 Linear Offset reflector feed. Ku receives and transmits.
Fixed orthogonal C-band polarization.
OSR-124H 1 Linear 1 Linear Single servo motor. For offset reflectors.
OSR-124D 2 Linear 2 Linear Motorized offset reflector feed. Ku receives and transmits.
Orthogonal linear C-band polarization. 27 VDC motor rotates all ports.

Except for OSR or ESR feeds, please add dash number to Model Number to indicated reflector F/D ratio as follows:
(-1) for F/D = 0.30 to 0.34; 
(-2) for 0.35 to 0.42;
(-3) for 0.43 to 0.55.
DC polarization motor.

Reflector mounting central feed support (specify reflector manufacturer).


ESR-124 H €  795,- Bestellen und in den Warenkorb legen
ESR-124 HC
10.950-12.750 GHz-3.7-4.2 GHz
€  949,- Bestellen und in den Warenkorb legen
ESR-124 HC
Erweiterter KU Frequenzgang !
10.700-12.750 GHz-3.7-4.2 GHz
€  999,- Bestellen und in den Warenkorb legen
ESA-124 D €  1.159,- Bestellen und in den Warenkorb legen
OSR-124 H
OSR-124 D

Lieferzeit ca. 4-6 Wochen nach Bestelleingang
Wird nur per Vorkasse geliefert, da das Feed für Ihre Spezifikationen
bestellt wird ( F/D ) !

Alle Preise inkl. MWSt., Irrtum oder Preisänderungen vorbehalten


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